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Wollondilly Harvest Experience
Wollondilly Harvest Experience
Welcome to The Wollondilly Harvest Experience : Picton / Wollondilly Farmgate

Wollondilly Shire Council invites you to explore and enjoy the

Wollondilly Harvest Experience - Pure Country!

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On this site you fill find a wide variety of country farms, country faces and country produce ... how to get there, how to buy it and how it's produced ... which farms you can visit, which local produce you can buy and where from.

This site is presented to encourage y'all to Eat Fresh and Have Fun with Fine Local Food, in support of the Agricultural Industry of the Wollondilly Shire and Shop Local!

Life on the farm is kinda' lay back ......

How long is it since your family had a simple picnic in the country, caught guppies in the creek, watched the spectacular sunsets in clear skies and touched on the simple pleasures of life?

Where else but Wollondilly can you still buy fresh produce direct from the farmer and leave your money in the "Honesty Box" at the front gate.

Welcome to The Wollondilly Harvest Experience

Wollondilly, at the foothills of the Southern Highlands offers a rural paradise only an hour from the Sydney CBD. Rediscover the way life used to be in the charming countryside that is the Wollondilly Shire.

Some suggestions for your time in Wollondilly country include:

  • Go Horse riding
  • Stay on a real working farm
  • Visit our country markets
  • Learn how olive oil is made
  • Purchase fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm
  • Pick your own apples & persimmons when in season
  • Purchase Wollondilly milks, creams & yoghurts
  • Take a cheese making course
  • Select your own Christmas tree
  • Visit the Wollondilly Heritage Centre for rural history
  • Enjoy traditional Bush dances
  • Dine in Restaurants & Cafes featuring locally grown produce
  • Relax in a Bed & Breakfast retreat
  • Bulk buy organic produce straight from the grower
  • Take a Hay ride
  • Enjoy Billy tea & damper around the camp fire
  • Teach your children about animals via Nursery Farm activities
  • Tour a working orchard on a tractor ride
  • Visit Lavender farms & learn to make your own beauty products
  • Watch an apple juice crush
  • Scenic drives on peaceful country roads

Wollondilly Harvest Experience Always Greener!

Wollondilly Harvest Experience
Wollondilly Harvest Experience
Wollondilly Harvest Experience
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